About Kornna

“At Kornna, based on twenty years of experience in marketing high quality component for shoe industry, we have finally devised a special compound called ‘Dulpocell’ which is perfectly created for producing a full range of our light and comfortable shoes in colorful patterns.

The rocket like innovation on mobile communication featured by the all-round functions of smart phone alters our life entirely. No one can ever imagine this technological breakthrough can enrich our life much more convenient and make us amazingly closer together until ten year before.

We are pragmatist with strong belief that keeping on innovating is the key of success.

We are dedicated to transforming our effort into every pair of our shoes more valuably. A pair of high quality and comfortable shoes can cost our customers less spending. This is the spirit of Kornna.

Walk out your dream with our shoes to enjoy every wonderful day.

Our lifestyle shoes are made of superior light weight compound ‘Duplocell’ directly comparable to the same quality of other renowned brands you know in the market.

Light weight


Fabulous color combination

Easy to clean

Water repellent


Our marketing goal is to establish KORNNA to become a well known high quality Light weight footwear brand comparable to internationally renowned brands.

KORNNA has stepped foot and started the sales chains in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia & Singapore.

We will kick to start KORNNA in Vietnam and also expand our brand in New Zealand & America in year 2019.


Our marketing objective is to provide amazing surprises to our valuable customers.

KORNNA shoes are made of special materials, comparable to the quality of other renowned brands.

We aim to become one of the popular brands in high quality light weight footwear, our products to be priced competitively.

The trendy design of each collection from KORNNA shoes is the heartfelt interpretation of our top designers.

Created with an enchanting shape, each pair of KORNNA shoes is perfectly crafted and highlighted with fabulous colours to enhance walking experience in the city or at the countryside.

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